Multimedia Story Design

Darkness. Cassandra feels her way forward, following a spiderweb-thin thread of light. She finds herself in a twisting labyrinth and comes to a broken door. Piecing the door back together, she passes into a dreamworld in which she will confront her demons, one by one.


The Areté Project is a post-modern adult fantasy narrative, a surreal physicalization of the process of healing from psychological dissociation. 

Cassandra has experienced deep trauma at the hands of a sociopathic boyfriend, who has gaslighted her into believing that she has dissociative identity disorder and that she is responsible for his murder.

But she can’t remember any of this - in fact, she can't even remember who she is. Shock from her trauma has tumbled her into a dreamworld labyrinth of her own body, and it is here that she will have to confront and accept her demons before re-entering reality.                                

I first developed this piece as a concept album, and released a single and the above music video as Areté.

Popdust Arete.png
Earmilk Arete.png

The video got some pretty rad press and the single was played on radio stations as far away as  Japan and Australia.

I headlined the Satellite months after my first live performance, and even played the Bombay Beach Biennale.

I then decided to focus on story and develop the piece to full fruition without the constraints of my own body. 

I am currently at the University of Manchester, where I am writing the first novel in the Areté series.

I am simultaneously developing the piece as both an immersive performance with interactive technology as well as a VR game with my collaborative partner, creative technologist J.D. Pennock.

And for shits and giggles, here's a bunch of photos from when my body was the main medium...

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