Avant-pop   Immersive   Transmedia

Conceptual Art   and    Music    

with   Emerging Technology 

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The Areté Project is a postmodern surrealist fantasy narrative that plays out across multiple media, including music and video art, virtual and augmented reality, interactive fiction and immersive life performance. 

This is a story of how Cassandra, an insecure actress, gets in touch with her magic and transforms into a surrealist provocateur: Areté. This is a story of trauma and healing. This is a story that shows how she can become they.  


Cassandra is broken into bits in body and mind. Diagnosed with dissociative identity

disorder, she awaits trial in an institution for a murder she can’t remember committing.


But when she tumbles into a dreamworld labyrinth – part shock and prescription drugs,

part her mind’s determination to heal – Cassandra unlocks the doors of perception.


On an axis of two planes – our world and the surreal world she discovers – she must battle her demons, put her selves back together, and find wholeness.

*extended play / episode

The first Areté Project release was via music, live performance, and video art.

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The video got some pretty rad press across the US and UK...

I headlined the Satellite months after my first live performance, and even played the Bombay Beach Biennale.

...and the single was played on radio stations as far away as Japan and Australia.

Creative technologist Jacob Pennock and I collaborated on a live performance with projection mapping just before I left LA to come to the UK. 

Until then I'm developing interactive digital elements with Jacob and Manchester-based technologist Jo Portus, and continuing to release music, including: 

The next song and video, Avalanche, along with an AR Instagram filter

An interactive fiction augmented reality mobile experience, in which you are deposited into Cassandra’s dissociated mind and must uncover where in the maze of her body the truth of her past hides.

And a live virtual reality queer dream ballet set in the surreal world Cassandra discovers. 


Cannot wait for live performance to be a possibility again.

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And if you want a little piece of the magic right now, the first earrings from our symbol-language collection are available on Etsy, seen here worn by Maggie Levin, co-writer of the upcoming Labyrinth sequel. She says they're a great conversation starter in pitch meetings...

Areté (Cassandra) embodied…

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