One day when I was working on the Areté project, I invented a near-future hyper-conservative world in which an underground scene of international rebels threw pop-up parties where they celebrated their difference openly and posted about it from burner phones before going back into hiding. Like magic, the very next day, I found the real-world version of this in Los Angeles—minus the burner phones and the hiding (well, so far…) 


I got to collaborate as performer and media creator with the people who created the extravagant Disco Dining Club and the dark, sexy Ostbahnhof, and gathered together the friends I had made on those dance floors to co-host MDME, a four-month weekly immersive event series that brought the edgier Downtown queer scene to West Hollywood. I also created experiences for blindfolded dinner parties produced by Cocina Sagrada, and threw my own private event - The Last Party - in which I led twenty of my closest friends down a rabbit hole and through a quest which aimed to inspire a feeling of agency in a post-Trump world. My multimedia and theatre background drive my immersive nightlife explorations—I adore digital media, but in my opinion nothing beats live experience. I love blurring boundaries and making the world feel like magic...

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