I am currently writing a storyworld in novel form while simultaneously developing it into immersive experiences that incorporate emerging technology, including interactive fiction and virtual and augmented realities.


My non-fiction writing focuses on mental health, feminism, queerness and culture.


I have just completed my MA in Creative Writing with Distinction at the University of Manchester. While there, I served as the Lead Editor of the 2020 edition of the Manchester Anthology.

book mockup.jpg

I collaborated with visual artist Jeremy Simon to create this striking book cover, and commissioned Eli Moore to create line portraits of all of the authors included in the anthology. All accomplished remotely. Here's mine:

Most recently, my piece on the sexism inherent in Netflix's (still wonderful!) show The Queen's Gambit was published on Henry Jenkins' widely read blog Confessions of An Aca-Fan. Click the image below to read the piece, or scroll down to access my (intermittent) blog.

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