I’ve been the website and UX designer for a number of sites using Wix and Squarespace development tools. I apply my experience design awareness to creating these virtual spaces. Please contact me for more information/rates.


Websites include: 


  • the “Digital Civics Toolkit" website, funded by the MacArthur Foundation - Winner of BestEdTech’s “Top Pick for Learning” and “BestEdTech of 2018” Awards

    • the Digital Civics Toolkit is a collection of resources for educators to support youth to explore, recognize, and take seriously the civic potentials of digital life. The Toolkit draws on the research and work of the MacArthur Research Network on Youth and Participatory Politics (YPP).
  • The Civic Imagination Project website

    • a MacArthur funded research group that studies and leads experiments in how pop/creative culture can inspire political action - how we can collectively imagine a better tomorrow and inspire action towards creating that future.
  • Henry Jenkins' blog, "Confessions of an Aca-Fan”

  • Personal art website variants over the years.

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