Joss Areté Kelvin is an avant-pop art bender whose performance incorporates music, video, writing, dance and emerging technology. They directed & produced Your Friends Close, a festival-premiering scifi dramedy feature film currently streaming on Amazon, and recently released their first single & experimental video art as Areté. As well as headlining the Satellite and performing at the Bombay Beach Biennale, they have devised and performed immersive nightlife experiences around LA with companies including Disco Dining Club & Cocina Sagrada. They served as event producer for the Transforming Hollywood conference (USC/UCLA), and produced other future-focused symposiums & workshops during their time working for Henry Jenkins, pioneering media scholar & leading world thinker on transmedia storytelling & the role pop culture can play in increasing civic activity. Currently, they are getting their Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Manchester, where they are writing a novel which they are simultaneously developing as both an interactive performance and a VR experience. They strive to tell stories that help people to perceive and create magic in their own reality.                                               

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findarete at gmail dot com

© 2020 till the end of time by joss areté kelvin.